With more than 5 years of experience in the Interior Design & Build field, I enjoyed the process of transforming each and every ‘House’ in to a ‘Home’ by working closely together with all my client. I am very thankful to everyone of them for entrusting me with their houses. Satisfaction from my client is the main reason that drives my passion in this profession.

Different clients will have different needs, expectations and aspirations. We understand that and are always ready to listen and give our professional advice in the best interest of our client.

‘My Home’ is a simple yet meaningful name inspired by the love, warmth, peaceful and comforting feeling of a ‘Home’. We also aim to treat every client like our own family in creating a ‘Home’ with each brick and tile.

The team of ‘My Home’ is formed by a group of passionate and energetic young professionals with dreams. We practice professional ethics and good quality of work as our company culture and our goal is to always work beyond expectation.

The Founder

Eric MW