MY HOME CREATIVE SDN BHD is a professional design and build company that provide great solution and design to suit our clients with different needs in the city of Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. We specialize in designing, renovation, construction & interior works.

‘My Home’ is formed by a group of passionate and energetic young professionals with dreams. We practice professional ethics and are committed to give our best in producing the highest quality of work. Our goal is to achieve satisfaction of our client and always work beyond expectation.

We believe a home is where the heart is, it is a place for us to sustain ourselves intellectually, physically, as well as spiritually. We aim to create a personalized design to suit individuals in the process of transforming each and every ‘House’ in to a ‘Home’.

Transform Your Home With The Five Senses

Many of us are lost when it comes to achieving personal sanctuary that we desire.

The human being has 5 important senses which we utilize and use to justify the level of comfort and satisfaction of each individual.

  • Sight – Visual
  • Sound – Auditory
  • Smell – Olfactory
  • Touch – Tactile
  • Taste – Gustatory

We focus on transforming your living environment by not only esthetically but also by stimulating all your five senses. My Home’s design aim to achieve high level of comfort for our client through these senses in elevating individual needs in interior design by sensual enjoyment. Satisfying the five senses in your living environment are essential as it influence your present experience. We believe in designing your living environment through all five senses in mind is crucial for creating a comfortable home that is great to live in.