“Smart System” combines advanced computer technology, information and communications technology, integrated wiring technology, electro medical technology (based on the theory of ergonomics). It integrates the control systems of a building such as lighting, air-conditioning, ventilation, curtain, smart scene and security controls and managing them via Internet for an energy-saving Smart Living Experience that is tailored according to each individual’s needs.

The ultimate goal of a Smart Building is to provide a comfortable, convenient, secure and energy-saving lifestyle to its inhabitants. This technology is very common in the Western countries, and is slowly becoming more and more popular in Malaysia. With technology advancing and information technology getting popular, smart homes and offices are an inevitable trend of the future.

With human needs getting more sophisticated and the continuous development of smart homes, today’s smart home system has grown to include more functions and control options. That includes Internet connection, anti-theft alarm, fire alarm, intercom access, gas leakage detection, emergency aid, remote medical/ care system and home appliances control.

Home Security

Video Surveillance, Alarm Systems Door Locks & Access Control, Video Door Phones

Auto Controlling & Intergration

Intelligent Control Panels, Gateways/Hubs, Software & Platform

Energy Management

Thermostats & Sensors, HVAC Control, HEMS, Smart Grid…


Nursing Care, Exercise and Health Monitoring…


Speakers, A/V System, Home Theater…

Key Component

SoC/ISP, Networking IC/Chips

Accessory & Others

Sockets, Switches, Cables, Structured Wiring